Meet the Doulas

Meet the Founder: Aliza Bancoff

Main Line Doulas was conceived by Aliza Bancoff in conjunction with her husband Craig's love and support. They have three beautiful children, Benjamin, Ivy and Ezra. Their first child, Benjamin was born at Paoli hospital in 2007, and their second and third children, Ivy and Ezra where born at The Birth Center in 2009 and 2013. During these wonderful transitions, Aliza and her family had the wonderful support of doula care.  Main Line natives, Aliza grew up in Penn Valley while Craig was in Radnor. They have made their home together in Merion where they love providing families with the same wonderful doula care they experienced with their children. 

Aliza Bancoff is also the founder of International Doula Institute( International Doula Institute is an online and in person doula training program that takes prospective and current doulas and trains them to offer the highest level of doula care in the world. 

About Our Doulas

Each one of our doulas has been extensively screened, interviewed and trained so that you are getting the highest standard of doula care. 

Education and experience of the doulas from Main Line Doulas:
-Highly trained
-Members of International Doula Institute
-Members of Doulas of North America(DONA)
-Members of CAPPA
-Certified Lactation Counselors
-Infant and Child CPR Certified
-Hold postpartum liability insurance
-Hold current background checks

Group photo of some of the Main Line Doulas Staff

Meet Doula Natalia

Natalia has been working with children for the past fourteen years and certified as a postpartum doula for the past eight. One of the reasons why she became a postpartum doula was because she simply loves helping and teaching parents or new parents everything they need to know about their new role. Her passion for newborn babies is beyond her own understanding. For Natalia, the most amazing reward as a postpartum doula is when the families are successful with the knowledge she has provided them, and knowing that she was part of the crucial transition to parenthood.

Natalia says,

“Many people underestimate the postpartum period. In my opinion, it is the most important time that breastfeeding, routine, and sleep is most challenging. Having the right psychological, physical, and emotional support during the first few weeks after the baby is born will positively impact mom and baby bonding, as well as the family’s relationship among the family members.”

          In addition to working as a doula, Natalia attends Jefferson University studying to earn her BA degree in nursing. She will be graduating in May 2014 and it is her goal to work in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) in addition to her postpartum doula work.


Meet Doula Cia


Cia was trained by DONA International 4 years ago as a postpartum doula and before that she worked as a nanny for over 8 years. She has also worked as a foster mother and has taken care of babies with many various medical conditions. She has worked with parents from many differing backgrounds offering non-judgemental support. She chose to become a doula after the birth of her own children when she realized the vast importance of a well supported family after birth.

Cia grew up in Havertown and currently lives in the home she grew up in with her husband, niece and 3 boys. Before becoming a mom she spent 7 years in Boston before coming back to start a family. In her spare time she loves to grow her own food. " I find deep satisfaction when I have dirt under my fingernails. I love to read, mainly non fiction. I also love to spend time with my kids doing fun things like sky zone, swimming and as much outdoor activity as we can. My husband, Dave, and I try to sneak out to a fancy dinner or a cool event once or twice a month"

Meet Doula Samantha

 Samantha has spent her entire life fascinated by babies and new moms. She is trained as a birth doula as well as a postpartum doula.

All her friends call her "The Baby Guru".  As a child she went from wanting to be a Teacher to a Pediatrician to a Neonatologist to an OBGYN and finally, now, a midwife. Samantha is finishing up her undergraduate degree in Biology at Temple University. She plans to attend Philadelphia University for Midwifery in the fall of 2016. After speaking with an advisor at Philadelphia University, Samantha felt that doula work was perfect for her. She completed her birth doula training through Dona International and her postpartum doula training through International Doula Institute. She has experience with singletons and twins. She loves being by new moms sides for all their firsts walking them step-by-step through each new change.

Samantha told us, "I'm so happy to have found this wonderful work. As a doula I get to not only provide practical support, but I also get to teach new families. With my doula work I've been so lucky to be able to combine my passion for new moms and babies with my desire to teach." Samantha believes it is extremely important to teach and educate new families on what is going on both physically and mentally during the pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum period.

Samantha grew up in Boyertown where she stills visits often her family, three kitties and toy Pomeranian Mia. She moved to Philadelphia just a few years ago to attend Temple and fell in love with the city. She now calls Fishtown home where she lives with her two roommates.

When Samantha isn't working as a doula or studying, she loves to spend her free time eating out with friends and family, watching new movies and traveling. Her most recent trips include visits to Spain, Portugal and Italy. She also spent time here in Philadelphia raising money for MEDLIFE and then joining a team in Peru volunteering with the MEDLIFE program there. In Peru, she assisted with setting up and running medical mobile clinics such as OBGYNs, Family Practitioners and Dentists. Also, she contributed to building sets of staircases for the many families whom live high on the mountains.

Meet Doula Tammy
Tammy has worked an extensive career as a Registered Nurse at Bryn Mawr Hospital NICU, the highest rated NICU on the Main Line. And she still works at Bryn Mawr NICU in addition to her postpartum doula work. Needless to say, she has 1000's of hours of baby care under her belt and she loves her work as a doula where she gets to put aside the clinical aspect of infant care and just nurture new families, practically and emotionally. She is also a certified breastfeeding counselor. Tammy specializes in families coming home from the NICU, as she understands the very specific needs of those families. When asked what made her decide to be a doula, she gave this response,
"I feel very excited to help the families adjust to their new baby and help with the routine care after birth. It's something I've taught for years in my NICU setting and to be able to apply and learn from the families will be very beneficial to me as a nurse and a caregiver."
Tammy grew up in Coatsville and moved just a hop and skip over to Downingtown where she has raised her two boys and spend time with her husband and Jack Russell,Toby Tyler. She loves running in her free time and just recently completed the Broad Street run with her husband. She also enjoys family time with her nieces and nephews and watching The Goldbergs.

Meet Doula Amanda
Amanda Dennin was originally from Brazil and cared for children in early childhood education. She moved to the United States in 2005 and has built her life and family here. Amanda has been a stay at home mom for the past 8 years and she completed her postpartum doula training through International Doula Institute. Her extensive childcare experience brought her to a place where she realized the importance of support and nurturing during the very early months of parenting and she became interested in becoming a postpartum doula. She was raised in a culture where family and friends, aunts and cousins would all mother the new mother and she wants to bring that love and compassion to all the new moms she supports. Amanda has three boys, an 8 year old, 7 year old and 20 month old. In her spare time(ha!) she enjoys reading, outdoor activities and taking long walks through Valley Forge Park where she makes her home with her children, husband and dog Sasha.


Meet Doula Mint
Doula Mint is a trained birth and postpartum doula, has a bachelors degree in Psychology, is a licensed therapist and has a passion for holistic therapy  bridged to Western Medicine. Her focus on prenatal, birth and postpartum allows her to be confident when working with labouring mothers and families as well as families in the days and weeks after birth.
Mint first became interested in becoming a doula after she had one for my  first pregnancy in 2005.  By 2006 she trained with Doulas Association of Southern California by the Doula who attended her own birth. She took additional holistic training as a way to help support families request.
In addition to her doula work, she is currently building her therapy practice specializing in herbal medicine, holistic nutrition, yoga therapy, thai massage and homeopathy for pregnancy birth, and postpartum.
Mint is studying at University of Pennsylvania expected graduation Spring 2017 with Ph.D in Psychology. She spends her free time at dance and gymnastics classes with her two daughters.


Meet Doula Lu

Doula Luziana (Lu for short) comes to us from Brasil after a career as a teacher for 10 years when she moved to Philadelphia 4 years ago. She has come to Main Line Doulas very highly regarded by all of her past families. She was trained with International Doula Institute as a postpartum doula and her passion is with newborns as well as helping older toddlers and big kids adjust. She loves cooking healthy, delicious foods for new families, keeping a tidy home and paying high attention to every detail to help your transition with your new baby or babies be a smooth one.She is highly skilled in infant care, routines/schedules and educating new families.




 Meet Doula Cathy

Cathy’s qualifications include DONA training as a Postpartum Doula, DONA Certification as a Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator training by ICEA and Passion for Birth, and Certificates in Lactation Support and Infant CPR.

Cathy’s clients include women who have all types of births, from natural  unmedicated births, to special situations such as cesareans, vaginal birth after cesarean, moms over 35, moms with medical conditions, and special delivery moms at CHOP.

Cathy has a B.A. and a J.D. and was an attorney for many years, but her passion is working with expectant and new families.  She was inspired to begin birth work after the births of her three children in Anchorage, Alaska, 20+ years ago.  Cathy has taught childbirth classes at hospitals including Providence Hospital in Anchorage Alaska, Holy Name Hospital in Teaneck NJ, and Kennedy Hospital in Washington Township NJ. 

Cathy serves as the Prenatal Coordinator and Hospital Liaison for the Philadelphia Alliance for Labor Support with the University of Pennsylvania.  She presented on the benefits of a Doula to attending physicians and Residents at Thomas Jefferson Hospital, at the Inspired Parenting Conference, and at HUP childbirth classes.






  Meet Doula Patience

Patience loves working with new moms and babies. Before becoming a doula at the International Doula Institute, Patience got her Pennsylvania Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with a Masters in Social Work from West Chester University, and Bachelors in Social Work from Eastern University. She has worked as a child therapist and behavioral therapist for six years along with her work as a doula and nanny. She has supported families of twins, triplets and of course singletons with many different needs. In her free time, (what free time!?) Patience loves scrapbooking and movies.

Meet Doula Brittany

Brittany is passionate about supporting women as they transition into their new role as mothers. She believes that every new mother deserves to have a beautiful postpartum period; she should be supported and cared for unconditionally during this sacred time in her life so that she  may gain the confidence to be the type of mother that she wants to be. Brittany’s decision to become a doula follows a lifelong fascination of childbirth and a healthy respect for the postpartum period. After experiencing a myriad of highs and lows during her own postpartum period following the birth of her son March 2012, she more fully understands the importance of having strong, caring, and steady support during those sensitive weeks and months. She received her doula training from MaternityWise and earned a BA in Psychology from Eastern University in 2008. Brittany primarily works with twins and is our nipple sombrero expert(AKA the nipple shield often used by preemies).

Brittany is also our Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, she loves helping new moms as they find emotional balance and healing after birth. She became passionate about placenta encapsulation after learning of the many benefits of it during her sister's pregnancy in 2011.



Meet Doula Mary

Mary started out her training as mom of seven children and eleven grandchildren, and was formerly a foster mother for high-risk infants. Mary is a CAPPA trained and certified Postpartum Doula  who makes her home in Jenkintown, PA. Her professional experience with multiples is extensive; she is also the mother of twins. In addition to traditional doula support, her experience includes:

- Failure to thrive infants
- Preemies and other high-risk newborns on apnea and heart monitors
- Infants with Sandifer's Syndrome
- Care of infants after hypoxic birth injury
- Care of Infants suffering with severe Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) of both physiological and neurological origins

Her specialties include breastfeeding support, functioning in a Kosher kitchen, establishing sleeping, feeding, and calming routines, and maintaining an organized home.

Meet Doula Wendy

Wendy is a Main Line native and currently lives in Bryn Mawr with her partner and three year old son. As an eleven year old girl she watched her own mother give birth to triplets which sparked a lifelong interest and desire in birth and the postpartum period. That experience led her to become a certified postpartum doula and certified breastfeeding counselor. She brings not only genuine enthusiasm, but a heartfelt desire to ease this incredible transition for new families. She is a valued asset to the Philadelphia area doulas team. In her spare time she enjoys Thomas the Train, live music, and playing the guitar!




Meet Doula Kelly

Kelly resides in the suburbs of Philadelphia. She is the mother to three wonderful small children Jack , Cora and Caitlyn.  Children have always been a passion for Kelly. Having a back ground in early childhood education she has always had a love for children and family Kelly has worked in a preschool setting ( Montessori school )and was a nanny in the main line before becoming a Doula . She studied under CAPPA training for postpartum doulas .Her interest in Postpartum care comes from her own experience after the birth of her first child and having a difficult transition in the early postpartum weeks .
" I have a passion to support, educate and assist the new family and mother with the wonderful journey into parenthood . I believe it is essential to have an amazing support from the beginning of birth through the postpartum period . The support will help to develop a happy mother, baby and family relationship " Kelly specializes in twins and triplets.

  Meet Doula Stephanie


Stephanie is a postpartum doula and general birth advocate.  She grew up in Southern California, relocated to Philadelphia 6 years ago, and absolutely loves it here.  Over the last several years she's worked as a nanny, including 5 years with a special needs child, and also had a stint managing a non-profit bookshop.  Her decision to become a doula came after speaking with many moms about the lack of support and care they felt they had during both pregnancy and labor, as well as postpartum.  Every baby is special and unique; Stephanie believes this wholeheartedly and wants to help create a beautiful experience for women having babies. She's currently working toward her herbalist certification and has experience with pregnancy and labor acupressure.  She likes to take advantage of birth and labor related workshops and continuing education opportunities whenever she can.  Stephanie is currently doing volunteer doula work with PALS (Philadelphia Alliance for Labor Support), helping low income/higher risk women in Philadelphia hospitals.  When she is not so fully immersed in birth work, her hobbies include weaving, dinner parties and watching movies.



Meet Doula Dawn 

Dawn has had a deep fascination with birth, motherhood, and babies since early childhood. She was homeschooled, and received a BA from St. John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland in 1998. Her ‘other’ career is as a Unitarian Universalist Religious Educator.

Dawn's training and experience in this field makes her a skilled facilitator of learning and growth, able to work diplomatically and supportively with people who are diverse in many ways (age, sexual orientation, belief or lack thereof, race, class, etc.) in a variety of settings.

Dawn’s four children were born at home with midwives in attendance, and her experiences with pregnancy and birth have created in her a profound trust and faith in their normalcy. She soon found herself in the position of informal childbirth educator and doula as friends and family members began to seek her opinions and assistance as they prepared for their own births. In 2007 she began to work formally as a childbirth educator and doula.

Dawn is a trained Birthing From Within® Level 1 Mentor (Childbirth Educator) and a certified Birthing From Within Doula. Dawn Star’s goal is to nurture parents to feel empowered in making the best choices for themselves and their babies, regardless of birth place or outcome.




Meet Doula Louise

Louise is a doula who supports women throughout the childbearing year including birth and postpartum. She is passionate about supporting women and their families. She believes that every new mother deserves to be supported and informed. She believes in doing what works for you. No two women are the same and they should be cared for as individuals. The childbearing year is sacred time in every woman's and her experience will be carried with her throughout her life. 

Louise's journey to become a doula started when she was a teenager and her mother became pregnant. Because Louise's father was self employed and her mother is an immigrant, she became the primary support person for her mother. experiencing a myriad of highs and lows during her own She understands the importance of having a caring support team during this time. She has been a doula for over 20 years. 
Louise is also a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist and provides traditional Belly Binding services. She loves helping women and supporting them before, during, and after birth. Her study of Qi Gong and Traditional Chinese Medicine led her to learn about the many benefits of placenta encapsulation and its healing properties.

Meet Doula Rachel

rachel raker head.jpg
Rachel is warm and caring. Before becoming a doula, Rachel worked for years as both a gymnastics instructor and nanny. She is a certified doula (Madriella) and has over 10 years of experience supporting mothers and caring for babies. Since she was a little girl she has always wanted to be apart of the birth world. From a young age she started obtaining as much information about birth as possible. When she was a young adult she became the go-to person to answer all pregnancy questions. When she learned that she could become a doula and support women for a living she enrolled into the Somatic Arts & Sciences Institute and was accepted into the Madriella Program. Rachel has been helping moms through every stage of motherhood, from pregnancy to the teenage years. She also counseled and supported teen girls who suffered from abuse and/or sexual assault. Her favorite things to do in her spare time is write music, cuddle with her two dogs Lady and Chooch and kitty Moe and Skype with her soldier.

Rachel Truly loves her job!
"I am very passionate about supporting women and providing quality doula services to our clients. I continue to attend trainings and workshops to expand my skills and understanding. I feel that every woman should have a doula no matter what birth she is choosing. I am truly honored to support each of our clients.”


Meet Doula Erin

Erin has been a caregiver for infants, children and mentally and physically handicapped individuals for over ten years. Growing up as the oldest of four children, her sincere love and passion for helping others lead her down the path to becoming a caregiver and then ultimately a Postpartum Doula. Erin participates in continuing education trainings 8-10 times per year. She is experienced working with single baby's as well as twins and preemies. Erin has many hundreds of hours of twins experience and understands their very specific needs. She is energetic, insightful and has a firm grasp on the intricacies in changes in family dynamics when a new baby or babies comes home and how to best meet each families unique needs. There isn't a one size fits all approach and Erin knows how to tailor her work for each family. 

Starting at a very young age, Erin learned the in's and out's of infant/child care by constantly observing her own Mother and the way in which she herself handled everything so naturally. Her love of caretaking brought her to become a postpartum doula and she was trained through International Doula Institute. She also holds her CPR certification.

When she's not working, Erin enjoys reading, cooking, live music, antiquing and spending quality time with her family and friends.