Nutritionist Consultation Service

 1 hour consultation with a nutritionist to create a plan specific to your wants and needs. Our nutritionist is very familiar with the needs of the mom during the postpartum period. Eating the right foods nurtures your body during this important, life changing period, helping you to feel your very best, as well as help you reach your weight loss goals. The dietician will create a meal plan based on your individual tastes. Your doula will be in attendance at this meeting so that she is fully aware of the outcome of it. Your doula will then help you implement the plan that you and your dietician decide on by encouraging you in health eating, shopping and food preparations

Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth Doula Care

We are pleased to be able to now offer Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth support.

Using Music during Pregnancy, Birth, & Postpartum 

Music can be used therapeutically for many purposes.

Below, you will find examples of how music can help you during pregnancy and labor.


• Promote wellness via lowering physical & psychological stress

• Decrease anxiety

• Identify psychological barriers/fears towards labor

• Pair music therapy techniques with birthing techniques

• Prepare labor ‘playlists’

• Write/record songs for baby

Labor & Delivery:

• Comfort Techniques

• Breathing and relaxation support

• Encouraging movement and positioning for labor

• Advocacy- reminding and encouraging you & your partner to use the

resources you identified as helpful for your birth

• Emotional support


• Help cope with traumatic birth experiences

• Lower emotional & physical stress

• Provide relaxation for breastfeeding

• Increase parent-child bonding

• Foster positive familial relationships

• Identify signs of postpartum depression

• Develop coping strategies for postpartum depression


Here is a list of some of the different kinds of music experiences you may encounter using music therapy during pregnancy and labor:

• Receptive music listening & discussion

• Song writing (original or ‘song parodies’)

• Lyric discussion

• Music and imagery

• Music and relaxation

What is included in the Main  Line Doulas Package:
·      (2) 1 hour prenatal sessions
·      Birth Planning Assistance (musical & educational)
·      email, text, & phone support
·      Labor support (from active stage until 1 hour postpartum)
·      Initial breastfeeding support
·      (1) 1 hour postpartum session
·      Personalized musical support & bonding for you & baby throughout pregnancy, birth, & postpartum
·      Music therapy assisted autogenic relaxation training exercises

Philadelphia Prenatal Health Series: Mama's Wellness Joint


Philadelphia moms and moms-to-be looking to stay healthy in both body and spirit, check out this great center right in your backyard!  It’s called Mama’s Wellness Joint and is located at 1100 Pine Street in Philadelphia.  According to their website, at Mama’s Wellness Joint you can find a “supportive community of health, love, birth, and beauty.”

One of the many benefits of prenatal yoga is better sleep! According to a study out of San Jose University, mom's who practice mindful prenatal yoga get more sleep in the second and third trimester. (

Mama’s Wellness Joint offers a variety of classes including Prenatal Yoga, Mama’s Movin’, Kids Yoga, Mommy and Me Little Babies, and more.  For dads who want to get in on getting healthy, they also offer Men’s Yoga.  What’s nice about this studio is that on top of their regular classes, they also have a New Mama’s Support Group that runs the first Wednesday of each month.  For more info or to sign up for a class you can give them a call at 267-519-9037 or visit their website at     

1100 Pine St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Philadelphia Doula Resources for Pregnant Moms Series: My Fabulous Mama

Philadelphia moms and moms-to-be rejoice!  There’s a new maternity and baby boutique headed your way. This shop has been wanted and needed by pregnant moms for a long time now in Philadelphia. It’s called My Fabulous Mama and will be opening its doors to all fabulous mamas this November at 1610 South Street in Philadelphia.  This new locale could be your one stop shop for fashionable maternity and nursing wear as well as baby apparel, gifts and toys.

My Fabulous Mama will be hosting a celebratory open house this weekend on Saturday, November 9th from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  There will be snacks for the kids and treats for the adults.  They will even have giveaways throughout the day.  In the spirit of giving back, My Fabulous Mama will be donating 5% of all retail sales through November 17th to local public schools, Friends of Chester Arthur and Stanton Elementary.

Main Line Doulas will be at the open house around noon, so come say hi and welcome this wonderful new shop into the neighborhood. 

Here’s a list of just some of the brands you can find at My Fabulous Mama (full maternity and baby collection will be available in Spring 2014!):  

Baby Steps
Kicky Pants
Sippy Babes
Wee Drool (coming Soon)
Jasper Hearts Wren (Spring)
Paige Lauren (Spring)
Masala Baby (Spring)
Nununu (Spring)
Fit Bump 360 (Coming in the Spring)
Cake Lingerie
Simple Wishes
Earth Mama Angel Baby
3 Girls Holistics
Ripe Maternity
Maternal America
Momo Maternity,
Carriwell (Spring)
Ingrid and Isabel (Spring)
Leota Maternity (Launching in the Spring)
Citizens of Humanity (Spring)
Japanese Weekend (Spring)
Belabumbum (Spring)
Seraphine (Spring)
Wee Gallery
Eco Kids
Melissa and Doug
Plan Toys
Alex Toys

Philadelphia Doula Prenatal Health Series: The Yoga Garden

The Yoga Garden
903 South St.
Philadelphia, PA 

Hey Philadelphia preggies! Get ready to get healthy and find a connection between you mind, body and spirit.  Whether you have been practicing yoga since you were very young or just want to try something new now, The Yoga Garden, located on South Street in Philadelphia offers so many wonderful classes at all levels of yoga.  Specifically for new moms or moms-to-be, The Yoga Garden offers prenatal yoga, which helps to prepare women for the changes that pregnancy will present, help prepare moms-to-be for their labor and delivery and will also create a connection between mom and baby.  

Once your baby arrives, The Yoga Garden also offers a “Yoga Babies” class.  This class is a full 90 minutes so that moms can attend to their new babies as needed and still have time to do yoga.  It’s a chance to get out and meet other new moms and take care of your baby while still taking care of yourself.  According to their website, this class is designed “specifically to address the needs of your postpartum body & being.”  

The Yoga Garden also offers many other classes at their studio, including Gentle Yoga, which incorporates a lot of relaxation and deep breathing, a perfect pause for new moms!  For more information, check out their website or give them a call, 215-238-0989.  For moms in the Main Line area, The Yoga Garden also has a 2nd location at 131 N. Narberth Ave, Narberth, PA 19072 offering many of the same wonderful classes.  You can give them a call at 610-664-2705.

Lulus Casita Grand Opening class discount!

Lulus Casita in Ardmore is having their grand opening tomorrow! And I just found out that if you register for any of the expecting parents classes that Main Line doulas will be teaching there tomorrow only, you will receive $10 OFF!  So come check out the festivities going on all day tomorrow including my free class, Planning for the Postpartum Period and get $10 off all other expecting classes being taught in this cozy environment. Now you can skip the sterile hospital classes and opt for classes at the cozy Casita! I can't wait to sit down with you and share all I know about being well prepared for the postpartum time tomorrow afternoon.