Babies R Us King of Prussia Class

Comfort Measures for Childbirth seminar this Thursday at the King of Prussia, PA Babies R Us.

Bring your birth partner and come prepared to learn all about ways to stay comfortable during your upcoming birth, including relaxation techniques, positions to make labor easier and quicker and massage techniques. Don't miss this class!

February 28th 2013 at 7pm
Comfort Measures for Childbirth
Babies R Us King of Prussia Classes

Celebrating Renoir's Birthday and Beautiful Mom Curves

Merion's own Barnes Foundation(three blocks from our home until it moved to Center City 6 months ago) along with The Philadelphia Museum of Art hold some of the most beautiful paintings in the world including the art of Peirre-Auguste Renoir. What does this have to do with babies and mommas? My favorite subjects of his are babies, children and mommas. And today is his birthday! He has created the most beautiful, inviting scenes of moms and babies. His paintings of women's nude bodies has given me the ability to see my body in a more beautiful light. Every time I look at his bathers, I am reminded of the beauty of my own curves.  So this morning I am taking time to sit down with my 5 yr old and 3 yr old to discover their own favorite Renoirs.

Take a moment today to discover Renoirs work by searching Renoir in google images. I guarantee you will enjoy it. 

Here is Ivy's pick:

Mother Nursing Her Child by Renoir

Intimacy in the Philadelphia area Hospital Setting

Intimacy in the Philadelphia area Hospital Setting

I thought today I would address this frequently asked question:

"We don't want a lot of people at our birth and we want this to be a time of deep connection. I'm not sure a doula would be right for us."

It sounds like you are looking for a really intimate birth experience. Have you chosen a home birth? No? You will be at a hospital? Okay, well at a hospital there are going to be a lot of people there, we can't change that. There are nurses, doctors, anesthesiologists, students, custodial workers and more. What we can change is the level of intimacy you experience while at the hospital. As a doula, I help create that space.

 How do we help create an intimate space in a literally sterile environment? Before the birth, during our prenatal appointments, we discuss how you would like the environment to feel and what we can bring to help make it feel more intimate and less sterile. When we arrive at the hospital, I help you get all of your belongings set up, set mood-lighting, go find sheets, towels, pillows and a rocking chair. When hospital staff bounce loudly into a room in the middle of an intense contraction and time of quiet intimacy, I help soften that barrier between staff and mom and dad helping them to best navigate how to answer questions and ask questions of staff. Just the calming presence of a doula can really help signal to the staff a higher level of respect for the laboring mother and her partner. Main Line Doulas has experienced a ton of respect from the Philadelphia area hospitals and their staff and really work well to provide that intimacy that our clients are looking for in their birth experience.

Philadelphia Newborn and Maternity Photographer Silvina B!

Philadelphia Newborn and Maternity Photographer Silvina B!

Last week I met with Philadelphia area's newborn and maternity photographer, Silvina B. I had been putting off getting some nice doula shots for some time now, and I spent a ton of time going through many, many websites of area photographers. What stood out to me in her photography was how she used natural light to really highlight the natural beauty of her subjects.  After tons of research as well as numerous client recommendations, I decided Silvina was the one for Main Line Doulas!

I'll admit, as the days approached for the photo shoot I was slightly nervous to be in front of the camera, but knew the outcome would be well worth the effort. Silvina met me and our pregnant model Meghan on-location and we got to work. Her expertise and professionalism put me at ease immediately. We did both outdoor shots by the guest house and indoor shots in the living room. I have a feeling my favorites are going to be the ones in front of the huge 20 foot barn-type green doors outside. I look forward to posting the photographs shortly.

Here is a link to her website:
newborn photographer

Check out her facebook page here:
Thank you Silvina!!