Overnight Care

Quality Overnight Postpartum Care

Main Line Doulas is the Philadelphia area's premier source for quality overnight postpartum care.

Shifts typically start at 8pm or 10pm and go until 8am to help you get the sleep you need. 

Our doulas come to your home to care for you and your baby while you get the rest that you need.

A good night's sleep is a necessary part of of a happy, healthy home.

Make the investment in your family. Click the orange button to reserve your doula now.


      We will tend to the needs of your baby and home while you sleep, including:

      • Changing diapers
      • Creating and teaching healthy sleep routines with baby 
      • Burping baby
      • Feeding baby(if using formula or pumped breast milk)
      • Bringing baby in for breastfeeding
      • Bottle and pump cleaning
      • Organizing and keeping the nursery tidy