Celebrating Renoir's Birthday and Beautiful Mom Curves

Merion's own Barnes Foundation(three blocks from our home until it moved to Center City 6 months ago) along with The Philadelphia Museum of Art hold some of the most beautiful paintings in the world including the art of Peirre-Auguste Renoir. What does this have to do with babies and mommas? My favorite subjects of his are babies, children and mommas. And today is his birthday! He has created the most beautiful, inviting scenes of moms and babies. His paintings of women's nude bodies has given me the ability to see my body in a more beautiful light. Every time I look at his bathers, I am reminded of the beauty of my own curves.  So this morning I am taking time to sit down with my 5 yr old and 3 yr old to discover their own favorite Renoirs.

Take a moment today to discover Renoirs work by searching Renoir in google images. I guarantee you will enjoy it. 

Here is Ivy's pick:

Mother Nursing Her Child by Renoir