Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth Doula Care

We are pleased to be able to now offer Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth support.

Using Music during Pregnancy, Birth, & Postpartum 

Music can be used therapeutically for many purposes.

Below, you will find examples of how music can help you during pregnancy and labor.


• Promote wellness via lowering physical & psychological stress

• Decrease anxiety

• Identify psychological barriers/fears towards labor

• Pair music therapy techniques with birthing techniques

• Prepare labor ‘playlists’

• Write/record songs for baby

Labor & Delivery:

• Comfort Techniques

• Breathing and relaxation support

• Encouraging movement and positioning for labor

• Advocacy- reminding and encouraging you & your partner to use the

resources you identified as helpful for your birth

• Emotional support


• Help cope with traumatic birth experiences

• Lower emotional & physical stress

• Provide relaxation for breastfeeding

• Increase parent-child bonding

• Foster positive familial relationships

• Identify signs of postpartum depression

• Develop coping strategies for postpartum depression


Here is a list of some of the different kinds of music experiences you may encounter using music therapy during pregnancy and labor:

• Receptive music listening & discussion

• Song writing (original or ‘song parodies’)

• Lyric discussion

• Music and imagery

• Music and relaxation

What is included in the Main  Line Doulas Package:
·      (2) 1 hour prenatal sessions
·      Birth Planning Assistance (musical & educational)
·      email, text, & phone support
·      Labor support (from active stage until 1 hour postpartum)
·      Initial breastfeeding support
·      (1) 1 hour postpartum session
·      Personalized musical support & bonding for you & baby throughout pregnancy, birth, & postpartum
·      Music therapy assisted autogenic relaxation training exercises