Frequently Asked Questions: How do I avoid interventions?

In this video, the three doulas discuss how to avoid interventions. The questions to ask your care provider are very important.

I like to go by the acronym BRAND....



When faced with an intervention during birth, you have the right to ask these questions and be fully informed of all your choices.

What would be the BENEFITS of this intervention?
What would be the RISKS of this intervention?
What would be the ALTERNATIVES to this intervention?
What if we do NOTHING instead?
What if we DELAY this intervention?

In our prenatal appointments we will discuss some of the interventions you may encounter and what you're preferences are regarding these interventions. As a doula, I cannot advise you on medical interventions, it is not within my scope of practice to give medical advise. But educating on some of these interventions is within my scope of practice and it's important to discuss them so that I have a better understanding of how to best serve you.