A More "natural" Cesarean Birth

This video shows a more "natural" Cesarean birth practice. I am excited to see that this hospital is showing us that cesarean births can be so much more gentle and thoughtful of the experience of both the baby and the birthing mom and partner. I hope that we continue to focus on reducing the unnecessary cesareans performed. But for the cesareans that are life saving, I hope they can be more like the birth depicted in this video.

The addition of a doula would have been very helpful in the operating room for a cesarean section birth. While everyone else in the room is busy attending to important details(nurses prepping for baby, surgeon performing surgery, anesthesiologist attending to mom's anesthesia) a doula will have built a relationship with mom during very personalized prenatal appointments, will be right by her side talking her through all the sensations, validating her feelings and able to be there just for her. While dad goes to be with baby, the doula can stay with mom so that mom has that continuous support that studies have shown to be so effective in improving the feelings mom carries with her about that important day.