Perfect Baby Shower Gift

Will you be attending a baby shower soon? The belly cast is one of the most memorable shower gifts you could give your friend. Sure, the diapers, cute clothes and baby swing are useful, but they will be used up and gone very shortly after baby arrives.

A professionally done belly cast or belly bowl will last a lifetime and be a cherished piece of art for the entire family. Your friend will remember your gift forever, what a great way to honor your relationship with her and give her something that truly honors and recognizes her.

People often ask me about giving birth doula services as a baby shower gift or blessingway gift. Although this would be a wonderful gift, it would not be appropriate to purchase my doula services without first having a consultation with mom. If you are considering giving the priceless gift of a birth doula, first talk to the special mom-to-be in your life, and then we can discuss setting up a private consultation for your friend and I.