Kim kardashian placenta episode

I love that Kim Kardashian is really exploring the benefits of placenta encapsulation in the episode of kardashians tonight!

Sitting down for a family dinner, Kim brings up the idea of consuming placenta. She asks the family chef if he has ever cooked up a placenta before. He hadn't.

"My wife did that," he said. "And it's supposed to be good, too. (It helps) with postpartum and it's great for menopause."
"There's cookbooks of different ways you have to cook it," said Kardashian.
The other family members weren't interested in it except for Kourtney. 
"Why would you not take it? That's the question I want to know," said Kourtney. "I didn't know... I'm so upset... I want to have a third child just to eat the placenta."