Live Births on The Today Show!?!?

Wow... first reactions here... when I first heard that The Today Show was doing a new series where they would be going to live births and show them on the air live, I thought, wow pretty cool. This is going to be very different from A Birth Story, because it will be much happier. It won't have all the dramatic music that A Birth Story has. And it will  normalize birth a little more(uuhh, we've been doing it for millions of years!!)

But I just turned it on and I was a little uncomfortable for mom. How long in advance did they get her permission? If it was during labor, than I'd say that would be a hard informed decision to make during labor and very hard for her to think about the benefits versus the draw backs. The camera person/reporter was LOUD and in this womans face as she was pushing her baby out and touching her baby for the first time. She said to the woman as she is touching her baby for the very first time, "Turn around and say hello to the camera for us!" and this poor woman turns around  and looks into the camera and says HELLO. Instead of taking in the moments, this loud person is narrating the events. I think the idea of this new Born Today on The Today Show is a great idea... but maybe they will be able to find a way to treat the birthing family with a little more respect and dignity about the huge event she is accomplishing in these moments.

So calling The Today Show and reporter Janet Shamlian...

Can I please come in and teach your staff how do this series in a more respectful, beautiful way? At Main Line Doulas, we help families create a more intimate environment in a pretty sterile setting and we are pretty darn good at it. I'd be happy to teach your reporter to know exactly what to expect and how to best narrate it in a way that your viewers will enjoy AND show respect for the birthing mom and baby.