Doulas help family with after birth complications

Last week, we had the privileged of serving a family with an unexpected complication post delivery. A gallbladder attack requiring surgery.

Usually birth goes smoothly, you give birth and go home 1-2 days later. Sometimes a surgical birth called a cesarean section is required and you are left with  a beautiful baby but the extra challenges of recovering from a surgery in addition to the intense transition of getting to know and care for your new little one. And sometimes, you have an uncomplicated delivery, but then afterwards things happen that you didn't plan for. Main Line Doulas has experience jumping in to help.

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I have changed all names locations and details from this story for privacy.

John and Melissa's Story

I received the call after business hours, the family left a voicemail, "Hi, I am calling because I saw your car recently at the Radnor Library. We live in Radnor, recently delivered our baby girl and my wife Melissa was diagnosed with severe gallbladder infection and will need to have it taken out. She was just admitted to hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Hospital and I am staying with her with the baby but will have to go home to be with our other children. Do you service Philadelphia? We were wondering if your postpartum doulas could help?"

I immediately called them back and spoke with the dad, John. I talked with John as he sat in the hospital with his wife and new baby. I conducted a consultation in which I learned more about their family, the other help they have and how they felt we could best help them. Based on this information, I then made some suggestions. John, a resident physician at a different local hospital could not miss too much work, so we came up with a plan to give him peace of mind knowing his wife and baby were being well supported while she was getting the surgery and the 5 days after of recovery before she would be allowed to go home.

The plan was to have two doulas during the day each do 10 hour shifts with two hours between each shift that John would be able to be with Melissa.

During our shifts the postpartum doulas cared for all the needs of the baby, while facilitating bonding and breastfeeding with mom and her bundle of love. We navigated breastfeeding issues including latch and nipple shield use. Mom was in pain and could not physically hold her baby without help, so we helped hold the baby during feeds. We were there to facilitate bonding and breastfeeding which are so important in those first days and weeks.

We spent 5 days with this family in the hospital, around the clock. Once they went home, we had just a few more shifts and family and friends took over from there. I felt truly honored to be able to serve such a wonderful family as they went through an unexpected complication with grace and dignity and went on to have a successful breastfeeding relationship. 

If you are experiencing an unexpected complication after birth, please give us a call at 484-802-6100.

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