Our doulas offer wonderful gifts of love, empathy, and support to new parents this holiday season.

We talk a lot on our blog about the amazing gifts you’ll give to yourself when you hire a doula. However, the care you’ll receive as a birth or postpartum doula runs much deeper than that.
The very foundation of what we do as doulas is to provide love and support. By registering for doula services, you will gain access to our loving, caring team  that will shine brighter than the lights on Christmas tree or the candles on the menorah. As we help nurture our clients while they bring their new baby into the world, you will, in turn be supported in a solid foundation of love as you become parents.

Having a new baby can be a chaotic time. Although our doulas do many things to help your clients – from providing comfort techniques as a birth doula, to perfectly organizing a nursery as a postpartum doula – they may not necessarily remember them all. What you will remember is how your doula made you feel: safe, validated, and supported.

When you have a doula, you will remember how much your doula loved you and your baby.

It is our hope that the families we support will carry this love and empathy with them for a long time. It all starts as a tiny seed that we nurture from the very first time we meet with you. As a new mother welcomes her baby into the world, with our gentle guidance, this love will grow and bloom like the petals on a poinsettia.

We hope to give our clients a gift that will last forever. Having a baby is an emotional time, and by offering new moms and dads the genuine support, empathy, and love that only a doula can offer, we are changing lives.