Birth Doula Package

Birth Doula Package
Two Prenatal Appointments:
During pregnancy we get to know you and your partner through 2 prenatal appointments, usually lasting 1-2 hours each. During these appointments we assist you in creating your birth plan and gain a solid understanding of your desires for birth. These are conducted in my home office or yours.

On Call Time:
We are on call from the moment you sign up with us. We reserve your estimated due date in our schedule from 37-42 weeks and are available via phone and email at any time for the support you need.

During Birth:
During your birthing time we provide continuous support that begins as soon as you want it. One of the unique aspects of a doula is the continuous support. There is no shift change and you get exactly who you hire. We provide emotional support and physical comfort measures and assist the partner in providing the birthing mom just what she needs.

Establishing Feeding:
We stay with you after the birth until you have established breastfeeding, usually about an hour.

Postpartum Appointment:
We will keep in touch via phone the first few days and schedule a postpartum appointment to review your birth experience and answer any questions or concerns.  This appointment usually lasts 1-2 hours.