Kim Kardashian wants to eat her Placenta!

Tonight on the season premier of Keeping Up with the Kardashians I was excited to see the mention of the consumption of placenta.

Here is what Kim said,
"Why would a normal human want to eat their placenta?" Asks Kim Kardashian.

"There is whole cook books on eating placenta you know..." Says the doctor.

"I really wanna do it." Says Kim (while Kim's mom signals with her hand and facial expression that she is looney.)

So What Are The Benefits Of Placenta Consumption?

Many believe that by consuming the placenta it can:
  • Increase energy
  • balance your hormones, using your very own hormones
  • Replenish iron levels
  • Help the uterus to return to its pre-pregnancy state
  • Reduce bleeding
  • Increase milk production 
  • Make for a happier, more enjoyable postpartum time

But there is an easier and taste free way to do it! Placenta encapsulation. This is a process, often done by a professional which includes washing, preparing, steaming, dehydrating and pulverizing your placenta into a powdered form which is then placed in capsule form so that it is taste free and odorless. For those of us who think the placenta is gross, or maybe we just don't like the idea of consuming it, this process is a whole lot more palatable!

I am just so excited that more and more women are finding out about the amazing benefits of consuming their own placenta after birth! We love doing placenta encapsulation and have a wonderful specialist who will do this process for you. Please contact us with any questions about our services.