Doulas Nurturing Philadelphia moms and babies

Serving Philadelphia and the surrounding areas.

We nurture you, so you can nurture your baby. 
Helping you build the foundation that will last a life time. 

Imagine this: You've just given birth to your precious new baby. You've waited so long to have him in your arms. He's here! It's exhausting having a new baby, but you've planned ahead to help make the transition as smooth as possible.  You hired a professional, experienced doula to nurture you and your baby during the first weeks postpartum.

Your doula brings you breakfast in bed, you and your spouse enjoy your fresh squeeze kale, strawberry and orange juice, eggs and waffles. You then spend some time drinking your coffee and cuddling your baby and feeding him while your doula gets a load of your laundry in before you hand him over to experienced arms you can trust while you take your shower in peace and quiet. When you finish in the bathroom, your doula asks you if you'd like her to teach you how to bathe your little one and get him dressed for the day. You feel so great, as what used to scare you, you now realize you've just learned how to do! Your little guy is now freshly diapered, dressed and ready for the day ahead which will include mommy and daddy kisses and cuddles. The smell of his newborn head is unlike anything else, it's bliss.

Your doula goes home while you enjoy every minute of the day in baby bliss, counting his little toes, looking into each others eyes and experiencing the joy that comes with having your sweet baby in your arms. You look forward to seeing your doula again at bed time so that your little angel can have all his needs met throughout the night, brought to you for all feeding and you can get the sleep you so desperately need.