4 Tips on How Mothers Can Improve their Sleep While Taking Care of Newborns

  4 Tips on How Mothers Can Improve their Sleep While Taking Care of Newborns

One of the serious challenges that new parents face is constant sleep deprivation. The ugly truth is a good night sleep does not come easy to mothers who have newborns. They wake up in the middle of the night to fed babies, calm them and change their diapers relentlessly.

On a serious note, sleep deprived mothers may face serious health consequences if they do get little sleep or not at all. The health impacts of sleep deprivation are but not limited to: diabetes, obesity, heart disease, accidents and poor performance at work. Peruse the following tips on how new mothers can help improve their sleeping habit while bringing up newborn.

1.      Involve your partner. 

New mothers need to recuperate from birth, and this can be done by getting good quantity and quality time of sleep. Get your partner involved by taking turns in caring the newborn. You can also outsource several household tasks to your partner such as taking up the majority of the chores or assigning him to feed the baby while you are taking a short, light sleep.

2.      Sack out when your baby sleeps. 

This is a no-brainer. When your baby is taking a nap, leave whatever you are doing and hit the hay too. Take advantage of the circumstance, and spend time wisely. Don’t be bothered when you have never done the laundry, swept the floor or washed the dishes, because when your newborn is up again, you have to get up too. Additionally, never use the free time in making phone calls or catching up several episodes of your favorite TV program – all these can wait.

3.      Seek the help of a doula. 

A postpartum doula is similar to a newborn care specialist but so much more. The best place to look for doula is Philadelphia area. Finding a doula in Philadelphia is beneficial and remedying for first time mothers or new parents. Doulas not only support the newborn, but certified doulas in Philadelphia also teach mothers how to bathe, feed and calm the baby. Hence, doulas not only provide support but also education. Also, by accepting the help of doula, you can get added hours of sleep.  As of 2014, Main Line Doulas has 18 doulas serving in Philadelphia. To find a doula in Philadelphia, click here.

4.      Modify the atmosphere.

 A sleep-conducive environment is one that is dark, cool, quite and cozy. When your baby hits the sack, create the best sleep environment for you – turn off the radio, shut off the television, put cell phones on silent mode, or play relaxing background music.

Getting a good night sleep is not only for newborns, but mothers also need it as much as their babies do. Sleep deprivation seems to be a standard feature of motherhood. But sleep deprived mothers should never underestimate the aftermath of constant lack of sleep. It brings serious consequences for their health and also, for their families. Mothers lose their ability to function at their best and they tend to commit mistakes and worse, cause accidents. It goes without saying that sleep deprivation put you, your baby and your family at risk.