Breastfeeding in Public on What Would You Do?

The ABC television show What Would You Do featured the issue of breastfeeding in public tonight. They had an 18 month old and 4 year old feeding at a coffee shop. The other actor in the coffee shop, a woman sitting at the table next to the breastfeeding child, berates the mom/child for breastfeeding in public and for breastfeeding a child of that age.

The question was, what would you do if you saw a person berating a woman feeding her baby/toddler/child? Or even what would you do if you saw a woman feeding her baby/toddler/child?

The bystanders responses were almost all thoughtful and caring toward the mother/child. There was only one table shown that was not supportive of the mom/child. That was very uplifting to see extended breastfeeding featured on national television in a positive light.

From their website:
"Breastfeeding Tot:  Breastfeeding in public is controversial, but even more controversial is the age at which breastfeeding should cease at altogether.  So what would you do if you publically saw a mother breastfeeding her toddler?"