Walgreens Kale Smoothie Commercial

As I was watching the Today Show this morning, a commercial came on for Walgreens. It featured a woman in her robe obviously sick with a cold/flu in the kitchen. She was making a smoothie. She started with orange juice, then added kale, then added a raw egg, then finally added chicken noddle soup. She had a look of disgust as she poured it into a cup, and they never showed her drink it, because... The narrator in the background was telling us that we shouldn't use crazy remedies to get healthy, we should come straight to Walgreens.

So Walgreens, eating healthy whole foods is an absurd way to take care of our bodies when we are sick? I'd like to know what they would prefer to offer us. Advil? Tylenol? The flu shot for next time? Vitamins in a bottle?

I prefer to go with Hippocrates.

 “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

My favorite recipe for a kale smoothie:
  • Banana Strawberry Orange Juice from Trader Joes
  • An entire bunch of kale, rinsed
  • A handful of frozen strawberries
  • A handful of frozen blueberries
  • A few tablespoons of walnut oil
  • Half a cup plain whole milk kefir
I put the juice and kale in first, let it blend until as smooth as possible, then I add the rest. This is also a great recipe to use in the juicer.

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