Happy 3rd Birthday to my daughter Ivy

Ivy, almost 3
Ivy, 3 days old
In honor of my daughter Ivy's birthday, here is my condensed birth story of her amazing birth.
  Happy 3rd Birthday to my amazing daughter Ivy
3 years ago tonight, I took my second big walk of the day, saw our neighbor Sarah who was 9 at the time, and she gave Ivy a little talking to and asked her to "come out sometime in the next few hours" for mom please! I was laying on the couch around this time and started getting some light contractions, like I had been for a few nights in a row. Each night they would subside after a few hours.

I assumed this night would be the same. I watched a movie, tried to go to sleep, took a shower, but they never subsided. I was trying to go to sleep when I felt my water break slightly! We called The Bryn Mawr Birth Center and they told me to try to sleep and call them in the morning or if anything changed. While laying in bed, Craig and I were talking and I would pause our conversation when a contraction came. Suddenly he said, wow, you are pausing like every 2 minutes. Pretty soon after that I decided it was time to go in to TBC!

I called my doula who was waiting for me in the parking lot and after just an hour and a half at The Birth Center, Ivy Eden was born in the Blue Room with midwife Ann and nurse Sabina at 6:01 am! Happy Birthday Ivy .
I look back on the experience with glowing pride and admiration of my body, my husband, my abilities and my amazing baby. It is my hope that my clients experience this same glowing, exploding pride and admiration of their body, their abilities, their partner and their baby.
It was special this week to also be able to attend a birth as a doula in the very same room I had Ivy! Perfect timing:-) Happy 3rd Birthday my sweet wonderful Ivy, you find new and wonderful ways to amaze me every single moment.