Bryn Mawr: Belly Pilates

I am so excited I just met another wonderful resource for our prenatal and postpartum moms. Kelly McBride is the energetic and compassionate owner of Belly Pilates in Bryn Mawr and is the only Certified Master instructor of Pre/Postnatal Pilates in the Philadelphia area.

Diastasis Recti
Defintion from
diastasis rec´ti abdo´minis separation of the rectus muscles of the abdominal wall, sometimes occurring during pregnancy.

Usually you can tell if you have a diastasis recti if the separation in your muscles is more than 3 fingers width.  Do you have any separation?

I was able to speak to her about my own diastasis recti. My separation is about 4-5 fingers! I look forward to learning more with her to practice some really important exercises I can do after baby is born to help repair my abdomen. She was extremely knowledgeable on diastasis and very enthusiastic about her work with moms. She is located right in Bryn Mawr/Rosemont area just down the street from Villanova University and offers both group and private classes.

Diastasis is just one of the many things Kelly works with women on.  Please check out her website to learn more about how pilates can help both during the prenatal time as well as postpartum: