Changes in our Bodies During Pregnancy

A friend on facebook just posted a video titled 2 People Describe The Same Person To a Forensic Artist and this is What Happened

This is a beautiful reminder of seeing the beauty in our bodies. Pregnancy is time when our body's are making dramatic changes almost daily as our babies grow inside us, stretching not only our uterus and abdomen, but also changing our skin, changing our taste buds, sense of smell, the size of our feet and so much more. This can be a time of excitement as we watch our bodies change or it can be a time of fear as we worry that we are too small or too big, gaining too much weight or not enough. Many of us criticize ourselves constantly.

It's the only time in a women's life that near strangers feel it's acceptable to comment on our size, "Wow you are getting huge!!!" "Are you sure you aren't having twins??"  Or maybe you are hearing, "oh you are already six months along, you look tiny." You could be wondering if you will ever look pregnant the way you had imagined and you worry. Any of these comments can  make us question our body and our baby and our ability to carry our child. 

It can be hard to look past our own insecurities but let's try. Our belief about our body is important. If you are celebrating you pregnant body, than I celebrate with you, celebrate your ability to see the truth about your body as beautiful and powerful as you grow this precious baby. If you are struggling through this process and maybe feeling insecurities about the way your body is changing, that's okay too. Maybe take this post as reminder to make a conscious choice to change our thought process surrounding the changes are body's are going through.

One conscious choice you can make to help celebrate your beautiful changing body is a belly casting session. A belly cast is a 3 dimensional mold of a pregnant moms belly. The belly cast is made to be a piece of art for your home, as well as a memento of your beautiful pregnant body. A piece of art to help you celebrate the incredible changes your body has gone through during the short period of time as you carry and grow your precious baby inside you. You can do a series of 2 or 3 so you can document the growth of your belly, or you can wait to get one done towards the end to capture the true fullness before baby comes out.

Don't pass up this invitation to celebrate your body. Click here for more information to book your belly casting session: