Prenatal Acupuncture in Bryn Mawr!

I'm loading you all up on the wonderful resources the Main Line has to offer pregnant ladies this week: Marlene Burke is a licensed acupuncturist right at the Bryn Mawr Wellness office on Haverford Road specializing in fertility treatment as well as issues related to pregnancy. I "met" Marlene a while back via our mutual friend and chiropractor Cara Hillwig on facebook and it was so great to meet for "real" tonight.

 Marlene taught an informative class on acupressure for childbirth. We learned of a number of acupressure spots to both encourage labor as well as ease pain and help comfort and relax mom during birth. My favorite one was the point in the fleshy part of the shoulder, that feels so good. Our clients are certainly going to greatly benefit from the knowledge gained tonight. Thank you Marlene for teaching this class!!

Check out her facebook page here: