Exhausted with a newborn? Help is a call away...

Feeling exhausted and overwhelmed with your new baby? Help is just a phone call away...

Philadelphia area doula last minute support! We designed this package specifically for the families that call us that have suddenly realized their need for extra support after the birth of their baby. Typically families will book our services in the second and third trimester. But sometimes families don't realize how much they really want or need our services until after their baby is born. This is the package for you. We may even be able to arrive the same day you contact us! We CANNOT guarantee availability at any given time. Please call immediately to check availability for your desired hours.
Text or call now for more info or to see if a doula can come tonight: 484-802-6100

There are a number of situations in which someone may need a doula last minute. Here are just a few of the many:

Situation One:
Mom had an unplanned, emergency cesarean section(c-section) birth and is having a rougher recovery than she originally imagined. The family is finding they need more support than they anticipated. Both parents are exhausted and mom is in pain. Extra professional help is necessary and needed immediately. (and often it can be partially paid for by insurance)

Situation Two:
Partner is going back to work right away. You knew it'd be tough, but now you're going home from the hospital and you're scared. We are here to help you through that transition as your partner heads back to work and you begin to navigate parenting your infant, providing emotional support, comfort and reassurance so you're partner can get back their important work outside of the home.

Situation Three:
Baby has been home a few weeks. You just don't feel right. You are struggling to cope. You suspect that perhaps you are having postpartum depression or anxiety. You need help. You pick up the heavy phone, and you call for help.

Situation Four:
Baby won't stop crying. The doctor tells you that you have a colicky, high needs baby. The screaming never ends and you just feel like a failure. You aren't a failure. But you may need extra professional support. We are here for you.