Remembering the "Lasts"

After I had my first son, someone very wisely advised me to enjoy all my baby's "lasts". This advice initially struck me as a little odd. Of course, I was eagerly awaiting all of his firsts - the first smile, the first steps, the first tooth. But, I soon came to realize that every time my baby, who was growing and changing so much each day, hit a new milestone, he was leaving another piece of his baby-hood behind.

My second, demonstrating the "luxurious newborn stretch"
When I stopped to think about his "lasts", I couldn't remember the last time his eyes were gray, or the last time his belly button was an "outie", the last time his little body was covered in soft fuzz, or the last time he had one of those luxurious newborn stretches that took over his whole body and wrinkled his forehead.

Thinking about these "lasts" reminded me of just how fleeting the newborn period is. It helped me to remember to slow down and find new reasons to enjoy my baby - even on days when we hadn't slept and I was ready to pull my hair out. In what has seemed like an eye blink, my "baby" is now two and I've never regretted all the time I've spent enjoying his firsts and his lasts (I'm also once again taking this advice to heart with the birth of second son six weeks ago).

How can you put this advice into practice? As a mother as well as a postpartum doula, I firmly believe, when it comes to your newborn, you can never:

  • Take too many pictures
  • Spend too much time watching them sleep
  • Snuggle them too much, or
  • Give them too many kisses
Remember to celebrate the firsts, savor the lasts, and cherish all the moments in between. And if you need help doing that, give Main Line Doulas a call. Our postpartum doulas are here to help you make the most of the early days with your little one.