Postpartum doula day time care experience

After speaking to a postpartum doula client this morning,  I was given permission to paraphrase and share her experience with our postpartum doula Wendy:

This is Doula Wendy!
"Since having the baby, many mornings I wake up for the day with a bit of dread, knowing I barely slept all night and have so much to do to take care of my family during the day, wondering how I will make it through the day with such depleted energy. But today I woke up with a sense of relief knowing doula Wendy would be here just a little while after I woke up. I was actually excited to wake up, knowing I would have practical help, a friend and care for myself, baby and family today. I almost hired a baby nurse, but am so glad I went with a postpartum doula instead, the support is just completely different. It's like having an extra, experienced stay at home mom who really understands what me and my family need right now and is willing to do whatever it is I need. Wendy jumps right in and just knows exactly what needs to be done. Yesterday when she arrived, I was feeling overwhelmed and totally crazy. She made me sit down on the couch and she brought me breakfast and tea, took my baby into the other room, got breakfast served to my other kids, organized the mess in the dining room and got my daughter off to school, heavenly. I was really hesitant to hire extra help but I now realize my kids deserve this extra support, and as hard as it is to say, I deserve this extra support. Thank you!" -Mom of 3 girls

We love you doula Wendy, GREAT JOB!!!