Bradley Method Holly Vicki Ardmore PA

I am so excited to be sitting in on a Bradley Method course being taught by Holly Vicki right here in Ardmore, PA. Such a convenient location right by the R5 train station, close to center city Philadelphia, Delaware County, Montgomery county and of course, the Main Line.

It's every Saturday for 12 weeks. Gosh that's a lot of weeks. I don't know if I'll be able to get to every class. But I really like that it's more time than the average childbirth education course. I always wish that pregnant women had more support at the beginning stages of pregnancy, more community. It's so helpful for mom's to have that early peer support, that comradery during the tough stages. And that extra practice time to really remember things and get them right. I suspect that I will shortly learn that Bradley being so long, purposefully is this way to allow couples to gain that comradery and community that would lack in shorter courses.

This is my introduction to the Bradley Method. I've learned a bit about it through my studies(I've read the book), but have not gone in depth learning about how I can best support a couple using the Bradley Method as a doula. This course is for expecting parents, not doulas. But I think this will be the best way for me to really learn the ideologies of the method, by learning what the expecting couples learn.

You can find out more about Holly Vicki and her Bradley Method classes by going to her website,

Her next two course series start August 25th, 2012 and November 17th 2012. They are on Saturday mornings at 10am for one hour. Pick the one that will bring you closest to your due date(but not over... like a game show;-)