CHOP Special Delivery Unit: Hospitals We Serve

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Special Delivery maternity Unit was specifically designed to be a safe haven inside CHOP designed specifically for the needs of a laboring mother and their family. Families come here knowing that their baby will have very special medical needs immediately at birth and after. Often times babies come from surrounding hospitals, and mom is required to stay in the hospital they birthed in for 1 day or more, while baby is transferred to CHOP.

Birthing directly in the CHOP Special Delivery Unit, mom's are not separated by many buildings or even miles away from their baby. They are able to actively participate from minute 1 in their babies care and decision making. This is something that would not be possible for babies expecting to be born with very special medical needs and born in a hospital without the abilities of such an advanced NICU and surgeons.

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