Bryn Mawr Birth Center Friends Alumni group

Four years ago The Birth Center in Bryn Mawr started an alumni group.

Taken from their facebook page:

"A group for alumni families and clients of The Birth Center in Bryn Mawr, PA. The community of TBC Friends is a vital support network for families as they go through life's stages. Through a variety of communications and events, TBC Friends will keep families connected to each other and to TBC. The members of the TBC Friends will continue as advocates, community resources and supporters of TBC’s programs and mission. TBC is not formally affiliated with TBC Friends Events."
The group offers fun events throughout the year, including play ground  play dates, CPR classes, film screenings, How-To lectures etc.
This year I decided to join the organizing committee. We are currently preparing for the 4th annual TBC Friends Picnic scheduled for next month. After the picnic is over, we look forward to planning some more really great, FREE events!
 Please visit the facebook page for more information about events or how to get involved in the committee: